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How We Optimize Pagespeed

While Neuroscience Media Optimization will skyrocket your site’s visual quality and speed, the holistic approach to get to the green score is improving and optimizing your site’s assets as well

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Benny Vox

CEO, Freshuk


I constantly look for anything to improve my customer experience. But any speed improvement I tried, always had the same TRADEOFF. It affected the visibility and accessibility of the media. For sputtering functionality, etc ... Since the integration with SpeedSize™️ and a number of basic Pagespeed improvements, Freshuk's digital assets have started to work against Newton's third law (action -> response). The site looks much better and functions much faster

The Complete Pagespeed Solution

SpeedSize™️ has assembled an award-winning tech team of site optimization experts that will:

Analyze & Customize

We provide every customer with a tailored solution according to your site’s strengths and weaknesses. The following is a list of some of the key elements that will speed up your site performance and loading speeds

Size Reduction

The main reason for a slow loading site is too much information. The key culprit is high-res media, often over-compressed media in inefficient old formats that load too slowly. Aside from what SpeedSize™️ can minify with its Neuroscience AI Media Optimization platform, there are many other issues which make sites bulky and slow loading

Unused Fonts & Icons

Remove icons and fonts that are not used on the site, keeping the ones the page actually needs

Minify CSS & JS

Compress CSS & JS by removing white spaces, reducing your footprint

Images & Videos (SpeedSize™️ has you covered)

SpeedSize AI-optimizes media at any scale, so the file can be ~99% smaller in size, while maintaining all the visual quality of the original file, no matter the resolution

Media Optimization Features

Reduce Requests

Most sites make unnecessary amounts of requests for desired assets. Each new request requires a new connection to the server. We will reduce the amount of requests and errors, making your site load much faster

CSS/JS allocation mapping

Disable CSS+JS in unused and unnecessary pages

Remove redundant requests

Optimize unnecessary requests brought on by inefficient coding

Fonts & Icons

Combine/Reduce Fonts and icons requests

Eliminate homepage requests

Remove inefficient multiple calls for the homepage


404 errors & 301 redirect requests

Get rid of 404 errors, which are site requests for assets that no longer exist on the site. 301 redirects can be removed by finding places where the asset being located was changed, but the script has not

Lazy load images

Lazy loading is an effective way to improve loading speed, by loading images from top to bottom as the user scrolls down the page

Improve Loading Assets

Inefficient coding leads to sites loading in unstructured illogical ways. We’re here to remove elements that break the flow of your page and other inefficiencies that create poor user experience and low Core Web Vitals Scores

Sync, defer and delay JavaScripts

Allow the browser to finish page rendering before all the scripts are executed


Accelerate future visits when using a CMS, for fast-loading dynamic content

Preload & preconnect assets & request hints

Load important assets before they are being used to save time once they are called

Handling URL parameters

Using URL parameters (like UTM) can break the cache and slow down the page

CLS corrections

Reduce and minimize CLS (Content Layout Shifts) that cause jumpy user experience and lower your Core Web Vitals scores

Network Optimization

Server and CDN choice and/or optimization is a key component of making sites load quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right CDN and server, and optimizing the networks of choice, automatically makes sites load lightning fast

Fast hosting

Use a fast server with a protocol that supports parallelism & compression to achieve quick responses, and by proxy, faster loading times

Improve network latency with CDN

Faster routing can be achieved by optimizing where your assets are served from. Drive traffic from CDN locations that are geographically closer to your visitors

Boost Your Site's Performance

Would you like to improve your Pagespeed, Core Web Vitals and user experience to drive more organic traffic to your site?

To get a full assessment of your site’s performance and Core Web Vitals scores, please book a demo with our team. Here, we will create a tailored analysis and build out an optimization plan according to your site’s unique needs

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