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SpeedSize will guarantee to accelerate your website, if your code scripts are efficient and small, you will get a higher Google score, better SEO, lower bounce rate and increase revenue. Google PageSpeed errors will be fixed: "Serve images in next-gen formats", "Efficiently encode images", "Properly size images", "Preload LCP image", "Defer offscreen images" and "Use video formats".

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No visual quality loss.

SpeedSize is the new standard of media optimization, a technology developed by experts in the fields of science, medicine, and IT, that understands how customers' human brain perceives visual information while hiding all the invisible data and dramatically reduce the file size of your media like never before.

SpeedSize Psychovisual compression AI analyzing and optimizing up to 100 detected data points what really matters: People, text, colors, details, area of interest and more. Your images and videos will be much smaller in size, load significantly faster, and look just the same to human eyes.

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No outdated media formats.

SpeedSize provides all next-gen web image and video formats, to load much faster while keeping the original visual quality for each of your visitors individually. Auto-format decisions and delivery based on each end-user browser and device. And now, you can finally auto-play videos that load immediately on your website.

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No delivery boundaries.

SpeedSize 1-minute integration will automatically optimize all media on your website. Immediately replacing your images and videos to a much faster loading media with the best visual quality, better cropped and resized to 50 different device resolutions, and delivered based on each user's browser and device in all next-gen formats through AWS-based edge CDN. Or SaaS and API for custom needs.

SpeedSize 1-line of code should be inserted right after the opening <head> tag before all the other scripts or stylesheets. This code should be placed directly into the HTML, avoiding any tag managers. It is required for our code to intercept all icons, images and videos. Also, upload the SpeedSize Service Worker JS file to the root folder of the website for the browsers’ security policy to run on all pages.

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Clients love faster websites. You? Clients love faster websites.

IStor IStor

As the official representative of Apple,
we chose SpeedSize to better optimize our online images
by more than 90% without affecting their quality,
as it's extremely important for our brand strategy.

iStore - David Shaked, Growth and innovation

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