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Load your website images & videos up to 10x faster, with 100% original quality. SpeedSize™ no-code AI-driven platform delivers the fastest visual experience in the market.

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Traditional compression will make you choose between sharp visual quality and fast loading times. Get both with SpeedSize™️

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SpeedSize™️ helps resolve most Google Core Web Vitals media errors automatically.

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Keep the original photoshoot 100% quality, load images and videos up to 10X faster, and reduce media size by up to 90%




SpeedSize is the most advanced AI-powered alternative to conventional compression and delivery, a platform providing the fastest loading media experience for online brands.

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How it works

Led by AI and neuroscience experts, SpeedSize understands how the brain perceives visual information. SpeedSize automatically analyzes ~100 elements per image or video frame to determine what the brain can and cannot perceive. Each pixel is treated uniquely in the context of the whole, and given the best optimization method.

SpeedSize breaks the image apart and removes the unnecessary pixels the human eye just doesn't see. Each AI-optimized image is rebuilt as an indistinguishable variation, preserving the original high quality but up to 99% smaller in file size.

Deliver each media file from SpeedSize’s edge CDN or yours. We automatically choose the best format, resolution, crop, visual quality, and file size, to perfectly match each image for each user’s individual device and browser.


A new standard for online experience


No Coding or API needed

We are proud to have the easiest and fastest integration in the industry. SpeedSize™️ has developed an effortless implementation process that doesn’t involve coding or an API. We also have plugins for the most popular CMSs.

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The Next standard

SpeedSize will outsmart, outperform and outbid any other “old-tech” company, in quality, size, and speed.

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SpeedSize™️ AI-optimizes and delivers billions of images, used by Fortune 100 enterprises and leading brands.



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Smaller file size with no visible quality reduction

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Smaller media files, maintaining the original visual quality

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Smaller media size & enhanced visual quality


We believe that every Ecommerce brand deserves the fastest-loading and best-looking buying experience.

"Using the SpeedSize AI-media optimization has been a game-changer for us. It not only met our expectations but exceeded them with demonstrable improvements in loading speed and content quality. Even in our custom-made system, the platform was easy to implement across our websites. As a marketeer, I highly recommend SpeedSize for anyone looking to enhance their digital performance."
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Colin Vleerbos
Senior Marketeer
“We’ve seen a definite improvement in the customer journey. Being able to deliver [media] as fast and as optimized as possible can only make things better for your end customers and ultimately drive your business forward... And I’m not having to worry my team about uploading different sized images or different formats because SpeedSize effectively has got my back.”
Matthew Lawson
Chief Digital Officer
“We are super happy with the results from rolling out SpeedSize so far! In what was a very smooth and quick integration, we immediately saw substantial improvements to image and video quality and see faster loading time, which has improved user engagement”
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Ricky Jennings
Head of eCommerce
"Great Shopify application. SpeedSize has really helped us improve the customer experience. Our visuals display in much better quality and we've been able to add a significant number of videos that play in mobile without latency. For us, the goal wasn't really to improve our Google speed score, but rather the actual consumer experience. I should add that the application is super-simple to install and then it's automatic for all new content added. I highly recommend it."
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Gaël Le Calvez
E-Commerce & Digital Director
"We have been extremely happy with Speedsize. We have been using it for approximately 6 months. The App has streamlined our creative process and enabled us to upload high quality video and imagery directly to Shopify without spending time and resources on cumbersome compression solutions that impact quality. Implementation was seamless and we have not run into any issues. Our site speed score has improved. It's a no-brainer."
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Lauren Kozak
Director of eCommerce
"Excellent app, reduced our loading time and media size and made our score higher than similar stores. The implementation, product and sales team are fantastic pre and post purchase. Highly recommend to any business."
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Nick Burrows
Head of Ecommerce & Commercial
“The final results and the product really wowed us. We love the technology and the ability to use high-quality images without worrying about site speed. SpeedSize also resolved the media errors on Google PageSpeed Insights and made the site faster. I would definitely recommend it to other ecommerce brands.”
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Raitis Čakstiņš
Web Project Manager

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