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The SpeedSize™️ platform AI-optimizes media with neuroscience technology, making the internet faster and sharper than ever seen before. We AI-analyze each media file to the pixel, eliminate the data the human brain cannot perceive and auto-deliver the perfect variation to each device and browser. The result, up to 99% smaller media with the best possible perceptible visual quality.

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How it works

SpeedSize’s AI optimization engine analyzes around 100 different metrics per image, examines what our brain can and cannot perceive in the visible focus of interest, and determines the optimization method for each pixel.

SpeedSize breaks the image apart and removes the unnecessary pixels the human eye just doesn't see. Each AI-optimized image is rebuilt as an indistinguishable variation, preserving the original high quality but up to 99% smaller in file size.

Deliver each media file from SpeedSize’s edge CDN or yours. We automatically choose the best format, resolution, crop, visual quality, and file size, to perfectly match each image for each user’s individual device and browser.


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We are proud to have the easiest and fastest integration in the industry. SpeedSize™️ has developed an effortless implementation process that doesn’t involve coding or an API. We also have plugins for the most popular CMSs.

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SpeedSize will outsmart, outperform and outbid any other “old-tech” compression company

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SpeedSize™️ AI-optimizes and delivers billions of images, used by Fortune 100 enterprises and leading brands.


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