Traditional compression will blur your images and videos, compromising user experience. Get sharper and faster media

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SpeedSize™ developed a proprietary neuroscientific media optimization tech no other competitor has.
We will outsmart, outperform and outbid any other “old-tech” media optimization and delivery company

File size


Compression kills quality

The majority of eCommerce sites use some media compression tool. These tools usually use a single preset for trillions of different images and videos. It does not account for the differences between the media. A one-size-fits-all compression tool will always lose essential visual elements. It will also leave visible compression artifacts like pixelization and blurriness.

Brands are destroying their media, the very media they need to sell their products at scale. This will happen each time you compress, resize or crop with a traditional compression tool.

Speedsize doesn't use any presets but analyses and optimize each picture and video according to the content in it

Don't Use Presets

Some image optimization tools will use up to 5 presets, but these presets do not equal sophisticated compression tools. They may be able to produce visually lossless images but only reduced by about 50%, in the best of cases. SpeedSize™ makes ~90-99% smaller identical-looking files at scale.

Quality & Size

You invest so much money in producing your images to be in line with your beautiful brand… isn’t it a shame you don’t use that quality when you present your media to the world? Remember, while you are selling a product, online you’re selling an image or a video of that product. Be sure to optimize your media to express your product features vividly.

A New Way to Optimize Media

At SpeedSize™, we don’t use any presets. Each image is individually rendered to find the perfect size to quality ratio, so that the compression is not really compression at all. It’s visually lossless, meaning we recreate images that look identical. We do this, by doing deep AI analysis, that understands around 100 different factors that the human brain processes differently from a computer. For instance, when someone looks at a wall, a human face, or a landscape, the visual cues the brain recognizes are completely different. So we don’t need to compress, we need to remove elements the eyes cannot recognize, making files ~90-99% smaller. Interesting right?

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Competitor Analysis

Any competitor SpeedSize


1-5 presets Content-aware neuroscience image optimization


Small-Medium Smallest


Loss of quality with every resize or crop Highest psychovisual quality assurance


Predefined with compression artifacts Device adaptive and visually-lossless


Inaccurate or missing Exclusive content-aware cropping


Partial media formats coverage Full coverage based on quality, size and browser


Slow autoplay with buffering time Instant autoplay with no buffering time


Bound to the competitor’s CDN Use SpeedSize CDN or any other you choose


Complex APIs and coding process Simple link, script, or plugin


Complex Simple and tailored to your needs by volumes

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Limited volumes Risk-free with unlimited volumes

AI-Optimize in Any Format

Speedsize™️ can AI-optimize any media file available, image and video file alike. With that said, the better the quality of the original image is the better result our algorithm can optimize the media file to be.





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