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What we do

The SpeedSize™️ platform AI-optimizes media with neuroscience technology, making the internet faster and sharper than ever seen before. We AI-analyze each media file to the pixel, eliminate the data the human brain cannot perceive and auto-deliver the perfect variation to each device and browser. The result, ~90-99% smaller media that loads instantly.

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Making the internet sharper and faster

our story

Founded in Israel in 2019, Sagi Keen (CEO) and Dr. Vlad Malanin, MD (CTO) sought to solve the biggest problem on the internet: Why should eCommerce brands spend millions of dollars on media that their online store presents as pixelized and blurred?

Dr. Malanin was the first to discover that the solution stemmed from visual perception, not compression. After years of R&D, our team of neuroscientists, doctors and engineers, were able to AI-optimize bulks of media ~90-99% smaller, but identical to the eye.

By thinking smaller, SpeedSize™️ promises to change the look and feel of the internet forever.

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Dr. Vlad Malanin

СTO, Founder

Vlad is a scientist and surgeon. He is also the former CTO and co-founder of Grand Media, where he managed 10B monthly ad impressions. He has decades of experience in high-load, big data, AI, media compression and content delivery. Vlad is currently on track to receive his PhD at The Institute of Cybernetics of NASU and is married with two children.

Sagi Keen

CEO, Founder

Sagi is a serial entrepreneur. The founder and CEO of AnimatAD and MasterHour, Sagi is also an awarding-winning director/producer in TV and advertising, including a notable stint as the Creative Director for Fashion TV. He is married with two children and possesses a BA in Video Advertising.


The internet wastes an enormous amount of processing power. Some predict within 3 years the internet will consume 20% of the world’s electricity. This is largely due to slow-loading, huge media files that pollute the internet ecosystem. SpeedSize’s solution will reduce media size by ~90-99% across the entire eCommerce space. Imagine our effect on the planet.

A more sustainable internet starts with smarter media.

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SpeedSize™️ is scaling at a rate of ~10x annually. Our plan is to continue this growth and expand into a media conglomerate

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SpeedSize™️ AI-optimizes and delivers billions of media files. Join leading Fortune 100 brands and start delivering the best customer experience.

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We believe that every brand deserves to tell richer stories without media limitations

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