SpeedSize is proud to have the easiest and
fastest no-code integration in the industry.

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No Coding or API needed

We are proud to have the easiest and fastest integration in the industry. SpeedSize™ has developed an effortless implementation process that doesn’t involve coding or an API.

Shopify Plugin

Automatically make your site load faster and use high-quality images and videos to improve the customer experience. SpeedSize™ has developed a failsafe guaranteed plugin for Shopify that can be implemented in minutes.

Magento Plugin

A 1-minute integration will make your site look better and load faster. Also, SpeedSize™’s plugin for Magento by Amasty is guaranteed to keep your eCommerce site safeguarded with Enterprise-level encryption.

Woocommerce / WordPress plugin

Your Woocommerce / WordPress plugin is protected with best-in-class security by a system of failsafes. Start using higher-quality imagery and autoplay videos on your site without worrying about loading speed.

Script integration

All you need to do is insert a Javascript code to your <head> tag and upload Service Worker file to your server. Easy, right?

Add the provided script right after the opening <head> tag before all the other scripts or stylesheets. This code should be placed directly into the HTML, avoiding any tag managers. It is required for the fastest possible initialization of our code to intercept all icons, images and videos.

Upload the sw.js file to the root folder of the website, so that it is accessible from It is required by your browser’s security policy to let the Service Worker run on all pages.

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