SpeedSize ensures that it acts in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”). For your information, no personal data relating to website visitors is being transferred, collected or stored by SpeedSize.

Any digital content received from the Customer (web pages, images, or video files in a variety of formats, etc.) will: (i) Only be used to provide the compression and delivery service (ii) Not be disclosed by SpeedSize to any other party, (iii) will be retained in confidence, kept securely and protected against unauthorized access in a anonymized manner (no file names preserved, no information about the origin of the file, etc.) in the back-end closed AWS ecosystem architecture that is based on independent micro-services and follows the international standards of high cybersecurity; and (iv) be used for internal quality assurance and the ongoing improvement of the technology.

All the public images and videos that SpeedSize downloads from the client websites get anonymized. SpeedSize renames them and does not store any information within the file that could be used to detect where the image comes from unless the file itself contains the information indicating its origin. After the media file is analyzed, it receives a unique hash generated for it based on the file’s pixel structure and file data that is used later on to verify and identify the file during the generation of new files.

SpeedSize's proprietary metric PVCI (psychovisual compression index) checks every image based on its content and over 90 other metrics to make sure that it does not differ visually from the original, and it eliminates the possibility to replace an image by a potential attacker with a visually different one. Thus, SpeedSize only delivers visually equal AI-optimized media files instead of the originals.

SpeedSize is a multi-layer secure, performant, durable, scalable and reliable product that uses AWS CloudFront as an external layer, an edge CDN to serve the static media files. CloudFront provides both network and application level protection. All SpeedSize distributions of CloudFront have active traffic monitoring with network flow monitoring and automatic always-on detection, attack mitigations with protection from common DDoS attacks (e.g. SYN floods, ACK floods, UDP floods, reflection attacks). Deeper layers of SpeedSize’s backend are deployed on AWS and have an automatically scalable microservice queue-based architecture. SpeedSize does not have the default CloudFront limits and is enabled to handle exquisite bigger traffic pushing the limits of CloudFront infrastructure worldwide. SpeedSize gets regularly reviewed by AWS Solutions Architects on best practices of architecture, reliability and cybersecurity.

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