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SpeedSize™ sets a new standard in media optimization. Already profitable and growing at an
accelerated rate, we're on a path toward becoming a tech conglomerate

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The Web's Biggest Problem

All websites on the internet face the same problem by using traditional compression solutions. By choosing between small media size and good visual quality, companies either destroy the resolution of their images and videos, or they make their site load slow. Slow loading sites are penalized with low Google Core Web Vitals scores that kill their organic traffic and conversions.

A Revolutionary Solution

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SpeedSize™’s Neuroscience Media Optimization platform is a disruptive technology that revolutionizes internet experience. Our proprietary technology signals the end of traditional media compression.

With SpeedSize™’s platform there is now unlimited capacity for instant-loading high-res images and autoplay videos on any site. The result is a new freedom for websites to provide life-like experiences online in ways that were never before possible to sell their products or services.

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Accelerated Growth

Since seed funding, SpeedSize™ has grown

~10x annually

We look forward to taking over the entire media optimization market with our next series of funding

Take Part in the Media Revolution

Help us swallow the global market share as we make the internet faster and sharper

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