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Scale your clients’ eCommerce, with the world’s first Neuroscience Media Optimization platform

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SpeedSize™ sets a new standard for image and video compression for all websites. By maintaining 100% of the visual quality at ~90-99% smaller files, our AI improves the user experience and website performance. Partner with us to help your clients get the most advanced AI-powered alternative to conventional compression and delivery.

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Our Partnership Programs

Strategic Partners

Offer SpeedSize™’s media optimization solution to your suite of sales services, as part of your sales pipeline. Give your clients a competitive edge in visual quality and website performance, with easy integration. SpeedSize™ sells itself.

Tech Partners

Don’t compromise on visual quality. Our tech partners offer their customers the best image optimization platform solution available, with improved media loading speeds. Let them plug into the best visual capability available, to improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

Affiliate Partners

Get rewarded by driving traffic and leads to our site through your network in the eCommerce space.

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Why Partner With SpeedSize™

SpeedSize™ is the most advanced AI-powered alternative to conventional compression and delivery, a platform providing top-quality media experience for online brands. Our cutting-edge AI tech provides the highest quality-to file size ratio in the industry. Reward your audiences with a better website.

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The Partnership Package

Simple Integration

We are proud to have the easiest integration in the industry. SpeedSize™️ has developed an effortless implementation process that doesn’t involve coding or an API.

Sales Playbook

Our sales playbook thoroughly explains how our tech is becoming a necessity in the crowded eCommerce marketplace and provides proven sales strategies that convert. Generate more revenue for you and your clients.

Tech Support

We are here to help every step of the way. Though our tech is simple to manage and easy to integrate, we have people on the other end of the line to help with any issues with our AI optimization integration and general troubleshooting issues.


Every SpeedSize™ partner is valued. You are part of our team and we will provide you with all the necessary tools to better express how our unique technology can help drive conversions in any online marketplace.

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