A Sustainable
Internet Starts Here

The internet is a polluted ecosystem that wastes an enormous amount of processing power

Optimize Your Carbon Footprint Optimize Your Carbon Footprint

Energy Efficient Media

Slow loading images and videos filled with unnecessary bulk is one of the main reasons why the internet may use ⅕ of the world’s electricity by the the year 2025.

Now consider SpeedSize™’s solution to reduce media size by 90-99% across the entire eCommerce space. The effect will be seismic. This is why it is our core belief that a more sustainable internet starts with smarter media.

Reduce Digital Pollution

By reducing the bulk of high quality media, the internet will load much faster and servers will have less TBs weighing them down, making the internet a place where pages load seamlessly. And even in the developing world, one will experience a virtual world with seamless connectivity.

The best part of it all, is that SpeedSize™ will help curb the pollution collected by reducing the weight of bulks of media, and take a small part in helping make the internet not just less wasteful, but better for our environment. One step at a time, the world will enjoy a more efficient internet that does much less to harm our planet. An internet where everyone can experience fast loading all the time, even with poor internet connections and old, slow-loading devices.

SpeedSize™ loves to make the web sharper and faster for all. It’s one of the main reasons we wake up inspired every morning.

Optimize Your Carbon Footprint