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SpeedSize™ is the only media optimization platform that can reduce media file size by ~99% without any visible quality loss. Which means sites can use high-res media without sacrificing visual quality or loading speed.

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Right here. Click below and we will show you how SpeedSize™ Neuroscience Media Optimization tech can improve your site. We will provide live examples from your site and even media files of your choice.

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Every customer has different needs according to the scope of their business. Pricing is determined according to volumes of both media and traffic. Smaller businesses will have more affordable packages for the limited bandwidth they use and Enterprise clients will be discounted above certain volumes. Essentially the more media you deliver, the more affordable your pricing plan, but we offer services for every client with a desire to deliver high-quality media.

SpeedSize™ offers a suite of exclusive features, aside from our unique ability to recreate media ~99% smaller in file size while looking identical to the original, no matter the quality of the original. Device-adaptive resizing ensures you will get images delivered in the best resolution for the device and browser receiving the media, as well as delivery in the correct format with the smallest file size. We crop according to AI, focusing on the areas of interest the eyes perceive as important. We deliver videos that load without buffering. While we recommend AI-optimizing all the pages on your website and utilizing our full suite of features, the customer determines exactly what they want us to optimize, which pages and what limitations in volume. We are confident that once you see the difference in both visual quality, and ROI, you will want to optimize your entire website.

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There is no limit to the number of media files SpeedSize™ can optimize. We have clients that optimize over a billion images each month. Just as your site will have no media limits, we have no limitations for volume.

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We charge according to new media added caps as agreed upon in the contract. If you do not exceed your media caps we won’t charge any additional fees. However, our billing only pertains to media seen by visitors. We don’t preprocess anything unless media is requested by user activity. Essentially someone needs to access the image or video on your site. In our case, a request being made to a link with an image is an invocation of processing. So if a client adds a new product and its images are not being requested, they’re not going to be processed.

SpeedSize™ offers an effortless integration, with all the customization you need to optimize your media individually. SpeedSize™ presents various easy options for integration, starting from dedicated Plugins to Shopify, Woocommerce/WordPress and Magento Amasty. We also provide URL redirect link integration and 1 line JS script integration in the header that can work with any CMS.

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Compression kills the quality of images. Every time you compress with presets, the image becomes pixelated and blurry. Neuroscience Media Optimization recreates images smaller in file size but identical to the human eye. The SpeedSize™AI-Algorithm is able to do this by finding the points of interest that people visualize, while scraping away the unnecessary data in media that the eye cannot see. The result is identical images up to ~99% smaller.

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Our AI-algorithm automatically detects the focus of interest for each image or video. The AI-automation analyzes what are the most important elements to the user, what colors and pixels are not visible to the human eye, and up to 100 other metrics. Our algorithm fights for every KB of data, removing all the bits of information in a file that our visual perception cannot recognize. By focusing on the key elements a human being can actually recognize, we can get rid of a lot of information. When we start with a high-resolution image, the reduction in file size regularly reaches 99%.

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Speedsize™️ can AI-optimize virtually any media file available, image and video file alike. With that said, the better the quality of the original image is the better result our algorithm can optimize the media file to be.


For Video: AV1, VP9, HEVC, MP4

SpeedSize is not a Compression technology or a CDN provider. Compression is 30 years old technology, while Speedsize’s technology was previously thought impossible. We can AI optimize any media or any delivery network, to be up to 99% smaller while delivering identical original visual quality.

Speedsize does not have any direct competitors and should not be confused for other old-fashioned solutions that clients are still using, consumer solutions, or for compression tools developed by CDNs.

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SpeedSize™️ thorough investigation found out that the most recommended CDN is the Amazon Cloudfront AWS CDN. Though this is the CDN with the fastest delivery and most failsafes, you do not need to change anything to implement our platform. With that said SpeedSize™️ is the only flexible CDN media optimization in the market – We can deliver images and videos regardless of the CDN.

No media processing takes place locally on your servers. Every part of the media AI-optimization process happens on our cloud without exceptions.

Original images are stored on the original server (where they were prior to the integration). After the integration, we take responsibility for storing and delivering the regenerated images. However, the client must keep all the original images and is free to keep our regenerated images. Each AI-optimized image is stored on our server for 1 year once a smaller duplicate image is made.

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You can implement our service either as a link, a script, or a Plugin. Currently, on the market, we have WooCommerce/WordPress, Shopify, and Magento-Amasty plugins as available upgrades, which will eliminate all media-related Google Core Web vitals errors, to improve your SEO and ensure faster loading times. Konimbo and VTex are coming in the near future.

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Every integration essentially does the same thing, you replace the original links with SpeedSize links, which means your media will look sensational, load seamlessly and use less server weight. The only difference is the approach. Script and Service Worker are front-end integration and are the easiest to implement at any scale. Conversely, using plugins or integrating the SpeedSize links manually is the most reliable and most effective. If you are already using one of these eCommerce platforms, the plugin works seamlessly. Though manually inserting links may require some labor at scale, it is recommended for Enterprise-level clients for the most essential elements of their sites.

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Only if the plugin reaches there or if Service Worker is active, or if the links are already changed there manually. Our script doesn’t have the scope to reach images nested in CSS files.

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Every freeware compression, cropping, or resizing tool will greatly compromise visual quality for speed. Why should you have to choose between the two? And while it is possible to compress files to look relatively OK in many instances, for larger sites it would take thousands of man hours to accomplish at scale, without results anywhere near what SpeedSize™️ can deliver. SpeedSize uses the principles of neuroscience to deliver the highest resolution images and reduce them by up to ~99%, which no other AI platform can do and cannot be done manually at all. Another feature unique to SpeedSize™️ is device and browser adaptive image delivery. The right image is perfectly resized and reformatted specifically to every consumer, no matter what device or browser they use. We would gladly test our resizing that loses no visual quality against the best of designers and can help businesses save upwards of thousands of man hours.

SpeedSize™️ has assembled an award-winning tech team of Pagespeed optimization experts that will:

  • Analyze your site’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Eliminate inefficiencies that slow down your site
  • Build a custom solution according to your needs

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Inefficiencies will often slow down websites. Some of the issues are due to sites making too many requests for assets, requiring additional connections to the server, which will make the site load slowly and perform worse on Google tests. Sometimes the size of the assets need to be reduced and sometimes the loading assets need to be optimized directly. In other scenarios, there are inefficiencies with the site’s connections to its CDN.

If you’d like to improve your site’s Core Web Vitals, let us custom tailor a solution for you

Our optimization services are success based. You will only be billed according to improvements in performance metrics, determined by you and the optimization team. So in order for us to charge you, we must deliver above certain metric thresholds and maintain those levels each month. Additionally, every solution is customized according to the size of your business and the level of maintenance required.

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SpeedSize™ works on any open CMS. We have developed easy plugins for the most popular CMSs on the market: WordPress, Shopify and Magento Amasty, who we have partnered with. We can also provide script and link integration for all open CMS platforms. However, we cannot implement our media optimization on a closed source CMS such as Wix, Rivista, Haven Nexus and Metro Publisher.


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