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Delivering top web performance by AI-optimization.


Faster loading and better-looking images improve conversion, increase Google SEO, decrease bounce rate with the ability to use more videos on your website.


AI optimize images and videos to their smallest size, without effecting visual quality to the human eye, provides the fastest loading time. SpeedSize advanced neural networks analyze all media on any website and detect what really matters: Important object, faces, body parts, texts, background/foreground, edges, complexity, focus, color analysis, sharpness, previous compression artifacts and in total gather ~100 computer vision elements.

SpeedSize 1-minute integration will automatically optimize the media of your website. All your media will be compressed and replaced by the best visual quality, better cropped and resized up to 59 different device resolutions, and immediately delivered in all image and video next-gen formats based on each end-user browser and device, through AWS-based edge CDN.


SpeedSize makes sure our platform is the safest and the most secure place for our clients' media files, globally. We rely on AWS trusted infrastructure to optimize, store and delivery millions of files. We are committed to transparent privacy policy, with the widely accepted security standards and regulations, GDPR compliance, failsafe protection and backups, enterprise level security, and provide a personal client manager to assist you at any time.


SpeedSize LTD was founded at 2019 in Israel, based on the many years of physiological and technological research of how human brain and eyes perceives visual information of images and videos that are being used on the web.

SpeedSize technology is the new standard of intelligent media optimization, with no visual quality loss your clients' eyes, while providing the smallest file size in all basic, advanced and next-gen images and videos web formats. Together with the most advances media delivery and a 1-minute integration, for any website at any scale.

This one of a kind technology, was invented and developed by DR. Vlad Malanin, a surgeon and an IT specialist in big data, AI compression and high scale delivery for the web, together with Sagi Keen, an award winning visual content and media expert.

Sagi Keen

Sagi Keen

Founder, CEO

Vlad Malanin

Vlad Malanin

Founder, CTO

Chen Lindman

Chen Lindman

CoFounder, VP BD


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