Speed Size


1. Services: SpeedSize will automatically compress all images, icons, and videos (which are not over-compressed), store, optimize and deliver the best format and resolution for each website visitor individually from the Amazon Web Services edge CDN, according to technology limitations. The media files that are requested by visitors get compressed as defined above, website visitors instantly get the original files with seamless delay and SpeedSize infrastructure starts the compression process for it. Once the compressed file is ready, all the next visitors that request it will get it instead of the original. Each visitor will get the smallest file size, in the right format based on his browser, device and location. SpeedSize compression services are also available by a SaaS or other custom integration.

2. Integration: Upon the approval of this agreement by SpeedSize, the integration process made by Customer will consist of two steps: (i) Embedding SpeedSize HTML line of code to the target pages just after the <head> tag. (ii) Uploading SpeedSize JavaScript file to website’s root folder. Customer and SpeedSize will do their best efforts to overcome any technical issues that may occur with SpeedSize’s platform, third-party scripts, or servers.

3. Copyright: Customer declares that they are the sole copyright owner or have the required legal authority of all web files (images, videos, icons, logos, domain name, brand name, trademarks, and any other intellectual property displayed on the website). The Customer has only rights to use the end product and services of SpeedSize and will not own any IP rights over the technology, trademarks, including any improvements to derivatives made.

4. Privacy: SpeedSize and Customer agree to keep this agreement's terms and prices confidential from any other third party. Please ready the technical privacy aspects on the Privacy page.

5. Showcase: Customer will share the "before & after" website speed, bounce rate, conversions, and analytics data with SpeedSize. SpeedSize shall be permitted free of charge to showcase or display its solution with the Customer's logo and a small number of “before & after” images and videos, performance or any analytics data in its promotional activities including its website.

6. Support: Customer acknowledges that the computing, hosting, and delivery of the media files will be on AWS infrastructure and that SpeedSize is not responsible for any issues that result of this or other third-party or improper use of SpeedSize. SpeedSize is also designed to run within visitors' browsers and certain issues may appear in specific browser versions that do not follow the international standards. Customer will execute SpeedSize’s recommendations during the integration. Customer will notify SpeedSize as soon as they become aware of any issues in the Services, and SpeedSize will use its best efforts to resolve such issues as quickly as possible. In the event that issues are being corrected by SpeedSize, Customer is requested to inform SpeedSize before making any changes to SpeedSize’s code. SpeedSize may ask Customer to update the code.

7. Payment: Should the integration process not work on Customer’s website, SpeedSize will refund fees in full. SpeedSize will provide the service only upon full payment by the terms mentioned above. Should the actual compression and delivery volume be higher from the above, additional pro-rata fees will be paid by the Customer on the basis of the fees above. The Services will be automatically renewed subject to additional payment based upon the actual usage of the Services during this period.

8. Termination: The Customer acknowledges that the optimized media files are held on SpeedSize servers and therefore upon termination of the Services for any reason, the Customer will no longer have access to it. Should Customer wish to download the files, this will be subject to an additional payment by Customer. Should SpeedSize not receive payment within 7 days from payment time it will issue notice to Customer. Should payment be not received within 7 days of notice, services shall be terminated without further notice. Should Customer end the contract before completion of the total duration they will pay a one-time fee of 10% of the total contract value.

9. Precedence: To the extent any terms herein shall conflict with any previous agreements, the terms herein shall prevail.

10. Jurisdiction: All disputes regarding or arising from the services provided by SpeedSize (including the implantation or execution of this agreement), will be subject to Tel-Aviv legal jurisdiction and courts accordingly, and shall be implemented according to the Israel applicable law.