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See what the experts have to say about media optimization


Welcome to the SpeedSize™ blog, a portal to everything you need to know about image and video optimization.

Here, we will keep you up to date with the latest trends in media optimization, eCommerce and web sustainability. We’ll also present how-to-guides to make your website work better with our methodologies, and give you the latest SpeedSize™ news as our brand continues its astronomical growth trajectory.

We’ll also present our case studies and whitepapers, for you to better understand SpeedSize’s ability to transform your business by presenting sharper, faster-loading media, smaller in file size that consequently drives higher conversion rates and better branding. 

We have split our page into 5 categories, available for you to browse at your leisure. Please take some time to peruse and see what our thought leaders have to say about media optimization and the myriad of ways our platform can help transform your online business.


SpeedSize’s disruptive technology will create an internet full of lush visual experiences and signal the end of loading times for eCommerce and eventually all of the internet. This will serve as a building block for a new standard in user experience, enabling the use of high-res video, images, 3D simulations, AR and much more. 

What SpeedSize™️ discovered was that high-quality media is weighed down by information the eye cannot see, information that could be removed from files without jeopardizing visual quality in any way shape or form.

This led our company to develop an entirely new technology that is able to reduce media size with both mathematical and psychovisual processes. It’s a technical breakthrough in visual quality and file size only SpeedSize™️’s AI-optimization tech can achieve at scale. After years of R&D, he was able to recreate media with no visible quality loss, but ~90-99% smaller in file size, a one-of-a-kind solution to AI-optimize bulks of media at the perfect size to quality ratio, no matter the site’s scale, without any need for manual labor.

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As you go through the blog you will better understand our passions, which is to help build a more sustainable internet, while enhancing its visual capabilities, so brands can better tell their stories. We also want a single place where thought leaders from our brand can speak out about the things that matter most to them and provide their insights gathered through decades of experience to help anyone at any stage in their online brand’s journey find solutions to the problems they face scaling their businesses.

One of the clear ways to make a seismic shift in data usage is to limit the amount of data transferred. The average website’s weight consists of 90% media. Companies like Netflix have adopted smarter media formats to load faster and eliminate page weight without huge sacrifices in visual quality. However, a new technology has transformed the landscape of media optimization.


If you want to optimize your website’s images and videos, to drive more engagement and conversions, check out SpeedSize™️, the new standard in media optimization.

Sagi is a serial entrepreneur. The founder and CEO of AnimatAD and MasterHour, Sagi is also an awarding-winning director/producer in TV and advertising, including a notable stint as the Creative Director for Fashion TV. He is married with two children and possesses a BA in Video Advertising.

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