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Ribble Cycles’ Innovative Edge: AI-Driven Media Optimization

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Since 1897, Ribble has been designing and expertly hand-assembling bikes in England. As a market-leading DTC premium bike brand, Ribble is now one of the UK's biggest online bike dealers and selling bikes all over the world. Ribble has made their award-winning bikes fully customisable with innovative tools like BikeBuilder and CustomColor on their website, as well as a live virtual showroom for the most personalized retail experience.


The Challenge

Efficiently showcasing product details & videos at faster loading times

Ribble prides itself on its personalized relationship with the customer, offering various services to enhance the buying experience. They wanted to improve the quality of the product images so online customers would have full visibility into each detail of every component of their premium bikes and accessories. Moreover, videos were essential to showing the bikes and the parts in action. Ribble struggled to find a way to properly showcase these high-quality images and sharp videos in their heavy file sizes, without significantly slowing down the user experience.



AI media optimization: Superior visual quality with minimal file sizes

By integrating the SpeedSize™ AI-media optimization platform, Ribble achieved remarkable results in enhancing their website’s visual experience while improving performance metrics. By optimizing image size by 60% and video size by 80%, they also reduced their CDN usage by 1.1 terabytes monthly on average. Ribble saved their online customers the frustration of slow media loading, preventing what would have been ~80 hours in loading time. The visual results are incredible – category pages showcase engaging, sharp videos that reflects the speed, quality and detail the brand embodies. The product pages allow the customer to really inspect the tiniest aspect of the bike components, supporting Ribble’s philosophy of providing a personalized customer-centric experience.

“We’ve seen a definite improvement in the customer journey. Being able to deliver [media] as fast and as optimized as possible can only make things better for your end customers and ultimately drive your business forward... And I’m not having to worry my team about uploading different sized images or different formats because SpeedSize effectively has got my back.”

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